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13 December
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My name is Neko!

Adopt me?

A member of my family once said "you've always been a rather morbid child, haven't you?" And while this may be true, don't expect me to be deep, brooding and philisophical all the time, particularly the latter. While my mind seems to be forever in whirlwind with one thing or another (usually with a whole round of things), I very rarely get the time to actualy sit and write them down, even rare is when I actually sort them out enough to actually make sense to anyone outside my brain.
I am a goth, and damn proud of it. I love the fashion and dig the scene, but I would never become the waif that many in the local scene beleive that I should be. I like being individual, well rounded and into many different sort of things. Yes, this includes ungothy type stuffs, like sports *gasp* and wrestling *ubergasp*.

~*I reserve the right to be frivolous.
~*I reserve the right to be angsty, angry and hysterical.
~*I reserve the right to be an utter geek.

~*~Friends Only~*~

If you want in, commment to me here and I'll see about adding you. I expect comments though, I don't want a long friends list with no one talking to me, thats the whole point of being added, you know...
This is my world, you are merely a guest in it.

My FO banner was made by breath_disaster at Image hosted by Photobucket.com.

My fursona as drawn by the lovely Skay-chan (monsterography)
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because if I don't advertise for my friends, who will?
puffinmuffin does fantastic fantasy/fury art! Check out some of her work on DeviantART, it rocks!! And, she does commissions! See her journal for details!!

My cat girl icons have been cropped and worded by eviltera and more of her graphics can be found at
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~*~I live for these~*~
Everyone Has Had More Sex Then Me
There She Is series
Samurai Lapin
The Little Goth Girl Animations
Mittens And Snowdrop
Neurotically Yours cartoons (Foamy)
Weeeeeeeeee (Gonads and Strife)
Numa Numa

~*~Communities I Own And Run~*~

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~*~Yay! Colorbars!~*~

Catgirls are furry love.

Drows are dangerous love

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Gundam Wing is Mecha Love

created by broken_down_toy

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Saiyuki is holy love

created by broken_down_toy

Irritable Anti-Heroes Are Love

colorbar by ametyhst_fluff

~*~Odds n' Ends~*~

I adopted a cute lil' dragon fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

This is Bee-Bop, she protects my journal fron undesirables.

my pet!

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